Episode 2 – Tournaments, Themes and Warplanes

We run through a list of this year’s UK tournaments and compare their approaches regarding ¬†format. Barry and Dave advise me on how to assemble a realistic unit within a historical division (US 29th Infantry, in this case). Finally, we mull over the ‘new’ warplanes rules available for download from the Warlord Games website.


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Episode 1 – Alternative Armies

We talk about the appeal of playing ‘alternative’ armies and speculate on the merits of some recent additions to the army books (Finnish and Romanians in particular). David and Barry also talked about their love of the LRDG. David joined us through a wobbly Skype/mic connection that is to be addressed in future episodes…


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Episode 0 – Come and See

Well, the first offering from Down Order is here; a short solo show with discussion (can you have a solo discussion?) of ideas for historical partisan encounters in games of Bolt Action and a review of the Russian film ‘Come and See’.

come and see.preview

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