Special – Miniature Wargaming The Movie

get link We are joined by Joe Piddington, the director of Miniature Wargaming The Movie, to discuss his Kickstarter project. We spoke about his ambitions for the film,  the wider development of wargaming culture and his experiences in Bolt Action.

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Joe’s project can be found here:

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Episode 25 – The French in North Africa

Sam and Dave are joined by Bob Emmerson and Bryan Cook to discuss the French presence in the North African theatre. Bryan describes MOAB, his event in Sydney and Dave talks about his Maori selectors. Tirailleurs, Goumiers and the Foreign Legion all get mentioned. Definitely something a bit Vichy going on in this episode…


http://freedomschool.ca/?__hstc=90186117.e72c280a7921bf0d7ab734f9822a9c39.1537747200116.1537747200117.1537747200118.1 Some great links to Bryan’s work:

Sourcing Foreign Legion miniatures:


Saharan Company:


Painting Goumiers:


Berleit Armoured carriers:


Large Vichy garrison army:


Painting Senegalese: