Episode 40 – A Cambridge Too Far 2017

Sam, Steve and Bob recount the recent event in all its gory detail, from missions and tables to individual games and reflections on the V2 system in a large, open tournament. Expect Tiger Fear, Gurkhas, tank platoons and curiously lurid terrain placement…

Stick around for the end when Steve and Bob are challenged to a thrilling game of Play Your Tanks Right!

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Episode 39 – TIGERS

This episode features a conversation with Mad Bob Emmerson, discussing lists ahead of the big 2d6Lodge Cambridge event, with particular focus on the mighty French FT-17 tank. The main section contains recorded hightlights of a ‘live’ game between mid-war US and German forces – the latter built around a Tiger Tank. Barry and Sam get to grips with the Tiger Fear rules and there are historical and tactical segments littered throughout. Finally, Sam was joined by Scott the Boss to talk about some new Warlord releases and to make the prize draw for the winner of the Patreon backers’ £20 gift voucher.

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