Episode 18 – The Mannerheim Line

Sam, Rich and Dave met at the farm to play a 2400 Vs 800 point game with the Soviets attacking the Finns. We talk through the historical context and then describe the game intermittently, between turns. See pictures of the game on the downorder.com Facebook page. There is also a UK tournament update.


Facebook pictures

3 thoughts on “Episode 18 – The Mannerheim Line”

  1. Great game you guys! The mannerhiem line was a hard nut to crack, but the continuation war red army was a diffrent beast then during the winter war!^^
    Anyway thanks for a great podcast!

    1. Thanks a lot Nicklas. We felt that the scenario, as written made it slightly too easy a nut to crack! Admittedly, there are a lot of variables, but I think 2.5:1 is a better ratio than 3:1 for Soviets:Finns.

      1. Hmm mabye a 2,5 and a chance for the player sovjet to recyle lost units on the following turn ona sucsessfull order test?

        Otherwise its a intresting scenario, I am playing around with it for a sieges of Sevastopol theme game.

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