Episode 21 – Ribble Rumble 2015

Rich, Sam and Dave discuss the recent two day event in Preston. Rich only joins us for the first hour, but Sam and Dave talk through their lists and games in detail. Talking points include: Brandenburgers, flamethrowers, the 1250 point level and mission-specific strategies. One list in particular drew a bit of attention, but all criticism is intended with good spirit (and a small degree of bitterness)!



Photos of the tables (mostly Sam’s games)


3 thoughts on “Episode 21 – Ribble Rumble 2015”

  1. interesting show, pity about your car.

    I was think about tanks, if the are closed then they need an order test to fire each weapon , if they are unbuttoned then only need an order test if required by pinning.

    This simulates the limited view from a button down tank and the difficulty of commanding a tank. It also uses the order system from the game itself.

    1. That’s quite a cool idea, and it’s good to use existing mechanics where possible. I think Tank Wars should have introduced something like this. Cheers Les!

  2. Good episode as always. Very interesting armies you fielded at the tournament. Sam seems to have polished his tactics in the last year. Continue the good work.

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