Episode 22 – Commonly Overlooked Rules

Sam and Dave are joined by Giac, joint TO of the BA Welsh Open. They discuss plans for the event (taking place at the end of September in Cardiff) before Dave quizzes Giac on his list of Ten Commonly Overlooked or Misunderstood Rules… Towards the end, Sam describes a family connection to a Churchill tank of the 4th Grenadier Guards BN.
Bernard Hudson with his tank GUILDFORD


(This picture shows Sgt. Bernard Hudson with his tank, Guildford, which was knocked out on the 30th of July 1944, near Caumont, in France.)

Giac can be found here:



5 thoughts on “Episode 22 – Commonly Overlooked Rules”

  1. Hello Sam and Dave and special guest Giac. I’m sure this has been pointed out to you already being that this is indeed the internet and mistakes are not tolerated here. Dave will be particularly happy to know that flamethrowers DO in fact need line of sight to a window or door to fire into a building. The section is labeled “Flamethrowers against buildings” and it starts on page 103. Even on page 102 it specifies under “Shooting At Buildings” that “aside from flamethrowers”. It’s the same sentence where it goes on to say heavy weapons don’t need to see windows. Just thought you might be happy to know. Love your show.

    1. He will be thrilled to learn that, I’m sure! Yeah, that’s very clear and specific – wonder where he got that idea from… Cheers Eric.

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