Episode 28 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Rich, Sam and Dave tackle Gates of Antares, gender and diversity issues in wargaming, listener feedback and the BAA Format. The main feature for the episode is a listener suggestion – we take turns to choose a BA unit to fit within each of the three categories (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…). There’s a good amount of Uber snarling from about the one hour mark onwards!


7 thoughts on “Episode 28 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

  1. Great listen as always gents…

    Gates of Antares discussion, was excellent and Dave, several Freeborn females in the squads too…

    Sam, heads up for any North Africa event as I need to start on my 1st Army…

    1. Thanks Brian – when it’s in place, you’ll be among the first to know – as I’ll probably want a table or two! 😉

  2. First time I have listened to your show, very glad that I found it. I agree whole heartedly with the comments about the 8 to 10 man regular squad with a LMG, why has this not been fixed when it seems so easy to do? frustrating. Locally we have been playing some season 2 rules and at least I can run these squads with the LMG and not feel like a newb who doesn’t know better and have to spend 5 minutes talking about how I know better but am doing it anyways. raise tough fighter cost, lower machine guns. some other little tweaks as well.

    1. Thanks Sean – I personally think toning-down the effectiveness of TF would be the way to go (like re-rolls rather than 2 attacks). We want to rein-in the really effective assault units I think. Where are you playing in the world?

      1. That would be an interesting change that wouldn’t compromise the army books yet would make purchasing SMGs still worth something. good idea I like it. I am playing in the United States, Nebraska more specifically, Doing my best to expose people to Bolt Action, it is growing here rather well. such a great simplistic game with historical reference and challenging tactics to look at every turn of the game.

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