Episode 30 – Miscellaneous Ramblings

Sam and Dave are joined by Mad Bob Emmerson to chat about current projects, including End of the Beginning 2, events on the south coast, Gorgon Studios and forthcoming offerings from Bob’s evil laboratory. Bob also undertook the Good/Bad/Ugly challenge and Philip from Germany provided us some authentic translations in his native tongue.


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12 thoughts on “Episode 30 – Miscellaneous Ramblings”

  1. I love your channel, It is wonderful to hear voices that reflect my feelings about Bolt Action. I have been working on similar issues regarding game balance and would like to know if I could bounce these ideas off you. I am going to be play testing this all myself hopefully extensively soon and posting the Battle reports on my youtube channel (Wahoo Warrior) Between preparing for Adepticon US Nationals at the end of the month and another GT in June.
    Promoting positive game balance with simple and practical changes
    RECCE- Page 96- Recce vehicles would advance ahead of a formation to probe out the enemy defenses- as they are super-alert to the enemy presence and prepared to avoid trouble. Recce vehicles are allowed to react to an enemy shooting at them or assaulting by making an escape move ONCE per Game.
    CAVALRY-Page 71- Calvary units have the tough Fighters Rule to represent additional attacks in Close Combat. Note Calvary Carbines shoot as pistols but do not confer the assault rule in close combat.
    TOUGH FIGHTERS- Page 70- Each model in a unit with this special rule rerolls failures to damage in each round of close quarters combat against Infantry and Artillery. Calculate number of attacks normally.
    FIXED WEAPONS- Page 50- Infantry based Fixed weapons can target an enemy unit that lies at least partially within their front arc with no penalty. They may rotate up to 90 degrees in place with an advance order and fire with a -1 to hit penalty if they are using direct fire. (Does not apply to artillery)
    INFANTRY MMG- Page 45- Weapons Chart- Infantry based MMG increase basic rate of fire to 6. This does not apply to Vehicle mounted MMGs
    LMG- ARMY LIST- Light Machine gun cost is 10 points in all infantry squads.
    TRANSPORT VEHICLES- Page 93- If an Armored Transport vehicle (7+ and up) has no passengers it may only fire one weapon per turn.
    FLAMETHROWERS- Page 48- Flame Throwers have the FIXED WEAPON Special Rule. Note flamethrowers hit automatically so the penalty of -1 for firing outside of the front arc is Not Applicable, all other restrictions apply.
    VEHICLE FLAMETHROWERS- run out of fuel on a roll of 1 or 2.
    INEXPERIENCED- Page 36- Remove the -1 penalty to hit.
    ONE MAN TURRET- ARMIES OF FRANCE and ALLIES- Units with a one man turret special rule who do not have a pin on them must pass an order test to perform an advance order. If they fail their order test in this situation they may still move at the advance rate but may not fire.
    HE vs. ARMORED TARGETS- While High explosives were utilized against armored targets in some situations it was not specifically designed for this and was often a last ditch effort. HE vs. armored targets are resolved the same as for an Armor Piercing round. 1 hit is scored, one PIN is applied (NOT D(X) PINS) and the penetration value is checked and the Damage result chart is consulted normally. Note some very large HE rounds such as found on the Soviet SU-152 were used with greater success then others and they have been given a special rule in their respective army book to account for this.
    EXTRA PROTECTION- Page 103- The dice roll to damage an enemy infantry or artillery is increased by 1 to a maximum of 6. This applies to units protected by gun shields as well as buildings.
    SHIRKERS- Shirker units Suffer -1 to hit when shooting and must always pass an order test before activating even if they do not have any pin markers on them.
    ARMIES OF RUSSIA- Change up to three anti tank team rule per reinforced platoon to 1 anti tank team. Up to two additional anti tank teams per platoon may be purchased as upgrades to an existing squad at the original listed cost. These teams must be taken at the same Morale level as the unit. This Mechanic is identical to a flamethrower upgrade in an engineer squad.
    ARMIES OF JAPAN- Change up to three Suicide anti tank team rule per reinforced platoon to 1 suicide anti tank team. Up to two additional anti tank teams per platoon may be purchased as upgrades to an existing squad at the original listed cost. These teams must be taken at the same Morale level as the unit. This Mechanic is identical to a flamethrower upgrade. The weapon team may not leave the parent unit.

    1. Can I talk about this in the next podcast? I agree with some of these but think slightly more elegant fixes exist for others. For instance just making flamethrowers roll to hit works very well

      1. I would like to hear some of David’s ideas for rule fixes as well. I would also be interested in any ideas he has for German national rules to address that imbalance.

  2. I Have subsequently made some changes to the Rules I asked you to review. It is apparently too much for people to comprehend removing the -1 to inexperienced troops. The alternate rules give Veteran +1 to hit, remove the Shirker portion and the portion about SOVIET and JAPANESE anti tank units

    1. Hi Sean – I’m sorry but I seem to have missed the rules you’re talking about. Are they ones you put on Facebook?

  3. I love to hear David’s interjections about the bad parts of the rules and yours and Bob’s rather nervous laughter as if Warlord will smite you for saying the emperor has no cloths.

    I’ve been slowly listening my way through the back episodes (currently 1-8 and 28-30) It’s been interesting tracking the change in the rules errata.

    We’ve been using some of the BA. net changes and a few of our own.

  4. To expound a bit with regards to the Bulgarian Cavalry Question and as an aficionado of firearms (US-based listener here), I can see why the designers decided to simply glom the different types of Infantry hand weapons into only 4 categories (Rifles, SMG’s, Automatic Rifles and Assault Rifles), it would be too much detail in a game that isn’t intended to be hyper detailed and would lead to some of the wonkery Games Workshop is running into by adding an absurd amount of sub-variants to every type of firearm.

    Every army in WWII had a carbine of some type, some of them multiple types, but for simplicity’s sake, they limited the entire purpose of the type of guns to be beneficial to cavalry and cavalry alone. The M1 Carbine has a benefit with regards to US Infantry’s movement bonuses, but beyond that, it is a rifle. Perhaps they’re being a bit too utilitarian as they’ve chopped most of the Minor Powers’ flavor right out of them, I suspect it was probably not even considered that anyone would care.

    As for Hitler’s Buzzsaw, the rules should be amended to include vehicle mounted weapons as well, they weren’t any different than the ground weapons (perhaps they were better maintained), I may be a slightly jilted German player for lacking much of anything for Special Rules, so that one would be nice. 😉

    If you gents run across any questions regarding firearms of the common footslogger, don’t hesitate to ask!

  5. Hi guys, your discussion on Cavalry in this episode reminded me of one of the more amusing entries in the Armies of the Soviet Union book, the Tachanka. Basically a horse drawn cart with an MMG on the back. This unit has the ‘Just a Cart’ rule which gives it a soft skin damage value of 3+ and +1 additional pin, to represent the vulnerability of horses in general.
    What are your thoughts on applying something along this vein to cavalry units? Probably not the additional pin, as the horses in question would be better trained and the riders better able to control them. But horses were rather large, unarmoured, and quite often rather flighty animals who present easy targets for enemy fire.

    1. I like it! The number of attacks need to be reduced for a start, but something like you’ve suggested would temper their outrageous potency…

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