Episode 43 – Normandy: The Battle for Caen

Sam and Barry dig deep into the story of how Anglo-Canadian forces enacted the breakout from the eastern end of the Normandy beachhead.

We discuss important units involved in the conflict, such as the 7th Armoured Division, 21st Panzer and the 12th SS Hitlerjugend, as well as focusing in detail on a number of important vehicles engaged in the battle for the vital transport hub of Caen, such as the Panther and the Sherman Firefly. There are reviews of miniatures from Warlord Games and Mad Bob, as well as ideas that could be used to make games particularly appropriate for famous operations such as Epsom and Goodwood.

This episode should form the first part of a series of episodes looking at the Battle of Normandy.

3 thoughts on “Episode 43 – Normandy: The Battle for Caen”

  1. Thats music to my ears (although I have to wait for the MP3). Really need to get to one of your events in the future, currently kid Nr. 3 at 24 months prevents me from leaving the missus for 4 days for hobby, collecting wife points for next year 😉

    1. Hi Chad – sorry for the delayed response. I don’t get updates on site comments, and since I haven’t logged in for a while, I didn’t see your comment. I don’t plan to keep adding mp3 files to the site as it’s quite time consuming and uses up a lot of my site storage space. The best way to listen is through iTunes (or one of the other podcast apps, like Podbean – which I hear is good) and they’ll automatically download new episodes for you. Cheers.

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