Episode 47 – A ‘Cam’ Bridge Too Far 2018

Last year’s winner, Mike Wilkins, and I talk about our 1000pt lists (Free French partisans and Italian Front Germans) used at the recent 78-player event  in Cambridge – and then run through each of our games in detail.

I’d like to offer a continued ‘thank you’ to BOSS Minis and to the new Patreon backers, who are also thanked at the end of the show.

5 thoughts on “Episode 47 – A ‘Cam’ Bridge Too Far 2018”

    1. Thanks Andre. I’m no longer going to upload separate mp3 file to the website as it takes quite a bit of extra time and takes up a lot of space. I do upload mp3 file to the Patreon page, so if it’s vital, you could sign up there! Cheers.

      1. Cool! Thanks for letting me know and keep up the good work.

        I’m very impressed you still manage to do episodes since the birth of your daughter. I have a 17 month old son and my hobby time has taken a serious knock 😉

  1. No longer downloading the MP3 version for commuting I missed quite some episode and am now catching up while painting, still gread content.

    Having a big vehicle as a handycap is somewhat inspiring, it gave me several ideas for various armies. I do hope my few opponents will not overuse the advantage.

    Keep up the good work.

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