Episode 7 – Armies of the Soviet Union

We review the Russian army book, covering the national rules, theatre selectors and individual unit choices. Rich talks about the types of lists he has played and highlights some of the more obscure options. Dave explains why he thinks this is the most flexible and varied of the army books. Sam reveals what goes on behind closed doors with a T-26…


5 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Armies of the Soviet Union”

  1. Hello

    I just started playing Bolt Action , while I haven’t even built my army yet. I have chosen to play the Soviet Union. I know very little about the game at this point. I would like to do some ” research” before I build my starter box. I was really looking forward to listening to your podcast . However, it won’t seem to download or play on any of my devices ; iPhone, iPad or my MacBook pro. Any ideas ?

    Thanks for your time

      1. Sorry for the delay – I normally don’t check the comments as 99% are spam! Glad it got working, and thanks for listening. Sam.

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