Episode 9 – Halloween Special


Sam, Barry and Dave seek out terrible truths hidden in the misty and horrifying labyrinth of the Nazi Occult. We also talk about unholy relics, ill-omened expeditions, frightening technology and other chilling prospects. At the end, Sam describes a home made, zombie-themed Bolt Action mission called The Book of the Dead.


The Book of the Dead

West Wind Miniatures – Secrets of the Third Reich

Eureka Miniatures – UK supplier (Nazi dinosaurs)

Ark of the Covenant (I was wrong about this being Eureka, it is made by Castaway Arts – scroll to the bottom)

GURPS Weird War II

7 thoughts on “Episode 9 – Halloween Special”

  1. Listened to the first part on the way back from work. Enjoyable as always although the meddling of occult search and experiments on human subjects is somewhat hard to stomach.

    Only minor point of critizism from a German native speaker…if you talk about something like DIE Waffenkammer it is no pronounced like the English singular of dice but like prIEstly or D.

    Keep up your good and entertaining work.

    1. Thanks a lot Philip. I will take onboard the help with German pronunciation! I assume we should also pronounce WESPE with an English V? Vesp-uh? Luchs = english Loohks? Sam.

      1. True on both accounts. The whole issue is trivial in any case, but your podcast is so well researched that it is a pity that the 1 % to the 100 % step is not taken.

        Keep up the good work

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