Alternative Army Lists




Event Packs

EotB2 Event Pack

Ribble_Rumble_2014_Bolt_Action_v1.0 (Rich’s event pack with secondary and tertiary objectives)

Player leaflets for the Rumble


The Book of the Dead (a zombie-themed 2-4 player mission)


wolf-cults – a ‘Weird War’ East European werewolf list

Off-board Artillery Rules 21-4-14

Sample Forces

Rich’s Defenders of Crisbecq

Rich’s early war Soviets

Rich’s Hardcore Soviets

Rich’s Stoke Challenge Finns

(Descriptions of Rich’s lists are in the Word files)

Dave’s  LRDG

I really like this force. It’s highly unorthodox in Bolt Action terms and often gives opponents mild conniptions when they encounter it for the first time. Six recce vehicles are the list’s main threat but it’s fragile, low in hitting power and relies almost entirely on mobility for success. A huge attraction for me with this list is that every man (including vehicle crews) can be given an individual and historical name (when you name your men, and remember their names, they fight better). I’ve based it on G patrol of the LRDG, who were largely Scots and Grenadier guardsmen with a smattering of Yeomanry, including the patrol commander, fortuitously named Captain Hunter. We discussed this force and others like it in Episode 4.

Dave’s Chindits (using the US book)

This is a slight adjustment to the final list I discussed in the special podcast on making a viable Chindit force. It uses the US army list, which is unorthodox, but Chindits had US air support and also used the US Pack howitzer and in popular imagination Chindits would certainly qualify for the Tough fighter rule that the British version lacks. The Bren is represented by the BAR in each squad. It’s necessarily very light on heavy weapons and there are also no vehicles (again for thematic reasons). For more details feel free to listen to the episode where I talk through the reasoning in more detail.

Posters + Signs (click for full-size image)

(These were scoured from the net somewhere, so I take no credit for producing them)

french posters

german posters

russian posters

russian posters 2




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