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Episode 50 – Blitzkrieg 1940

Richard Clarke is the guest on this episode and he talks in detail about the new early-war handbook for Chain of Command, Blitzkrieg 1940, which includes nearly 60 new force lists to use in the game, as well as campaign-specific special rules and a series of new national arsenals and characteristics. Richard is a very entertaining chap and there’s lots of interesting historical stuff, besides all the rules chatter.

To celebrate this being the 50th episode and as a ‘thank you’ for the continued support, Patreon backers (who voluntarily sponsor the show and get early access) will not be charged for this one. Any new backers will also be able to listen to this recording for FREE – so it’s a great time to sign up.

Episode 49 – Bolt Action Vs Chain of Command

Dave Hunter returns to the podcast to delicately assist with this potentially divisive show topic: BA Vs CoC. The aim though is not really to decide which is the best game, but to compare and contrast the two leading systems for 28mm WWII wargames. Each has a very distinct ‘feel’ as a rules system and will provide a very different gaming experience.

We discuss key gaming principles, core rules mechanics, scale, time, force composition, etc – as well as looking at the best ways to approach each game in order to get the best out of it.

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