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Episode 54 – Normandy: Pegasus Bridge

An overview of Operation Deadstick – the securing of two vital road bridges crossing waterways north of Caen on D-Day. The episode also includes an introduction to the British airborne forces involved in the Normandy and a breakdown of their equipment and tactics, as well as reference to the German units present. Towards the end, there’s also a description of some miniatures that might be useful for recreating the fight for Pegasus Bridge on the gaming table with games like Bolt Action or Chain of Command.

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Episode 51 – Road to CRISIS

This recording covers our trip to CRISIS from the 2nd-4th of November 2018, during which we ran a large game depicting the Tavronitis Bridge battle on Crete in 1941, which some people may have seen featured in recent issues of Wargames Illustrated. I was joined by clubmates James Morris and Thomas Webster-Deakin. After the show we visited Ypres, which was poignant since we were there just ahead of the 100-year anniversary of the end of the Great War.

During the Saturday of the show I recorded short interviews with the organiser, Willie Bogaerts, as well as Richard Clark of TFL. There’s also plenty of chatter and moderate boozing during the game itself…

On the Sunday I recorded parts of our visit to Ypres, including a sobering and beautiful service at the Menin Gate where we heard a veteran choir and the daily rendition of The Last Post.

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Episode 50 – Blitzkrieg 1940

Richard Clarke is the guest on this episode and he talks in detail about the new early-war handbook for Chain of Command, Blitzkrieg 1940, which includes nearly 60 new force lists to use in the game, as well as campaign-specific special rules and a series of new national arsenals and characteristics. Richard is a very entertaining chap and there’s lots of interesting historical stuff, besides all the rules chatter.

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Episode 49 – Bolt Action Vs Chain of Command

Dave Hunter returns to the podcast to delicately assist with this potentially divisive show topic: BA Vs CoC. The aim though is not really to decide which is the best game, but to compare and contrast the two leading systems for 28mm WWII wargames. Each has a very distinct ‘feel’ as a rules system and will provide a very different gaming experience.

We discuss key gaming principles, core rules mechanics, scale, time, force composition, etc – as well as looking at the best ways to approach each game in order to get the best out of it.

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Episode 46 – Operation Flipper

Bruce Hamilton comes on the cast once again, this time to talk about a North African Commando raid from 1941: there is the usual mix of history and gaming chat about how you could recreate elements of Operation Flipper for Bolt Action. Towards the end, we also talked a little about the upcoming Cambridge event that we’re both attending.

Episode 45 – The Warlord Games Grand Tournament

A review of the recent open event that took place at Warlord Games HQ in Nottingham, at the end of November 2018. The guest for this episode is Bruce Hamilton and we talked through our lists and described each of our games in detail before revealing the final standings…

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Episode 44 – North Star Military Figures

In this episode I sat down to have a conversation with Nick Eyre of North Star (who produces the figures for Artizan Designs, Crusader Miniatures, Copplestone Castings, Frostgrave, etc). We talked about a range of things, including: the origins of the company and the history of wargaming in Nottingham; the sculpting and casting process; how advances in technology have changed the hobby and what we can expect to see from North Star in the future. I also subjected Nick to a series of listener questions…

After that, there is some listener correspondence and a reading about the 1939 German invasion of Poland.

(The image shown is not my own work – just an example of Artizan Designs’ fine British Airborne range that I scoured from Google)

Episode 42 – End of the Beginning III

Sam is joined by Dave Hunter, Christian Tiansen and Steve Tibbs, who all attended the latest Mediterranean themed team event at Sanctuary Gaming Centre. The first half and hour features a ‘live’ recording from the day, with players already stuck into their games in the three theatres: Crete, North Africa and Italy.

The last hour of the podcast is a conversation between Sam and Steve, discussing the recent Phoenix Gaming Club event – Operation Varsity, in which they both played.

Photos of EotBIII: https://www.facebook.com/pg/downordercom-403582836444166/photos/?tab=album&album_id=998040293665081

Links relating to BurnPits360:



Episode 40 – A Cambridge Too Far 2017

Sam, Steve and Bob recount the recent event in all its gory detail, from missions and tables to individual games and reflections on the V2 system in a large, open tournament. Expect Tiger Fear, Gurkhas, tank platoons and curiously lurid terrain placement…

Stick around for the end when Steve and Bob are challenged to a thrilling game of Play Your Tanks Right!

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Episode 37 – The Battle of Anzio

This recording features Steve Tibbs as a guest and covers The Battle of Anzio during the Italian campaign as the historical topic (with thoughts on army lists, missions and modelling);  event coverage; V2 chit-chat and some thoughts on the new AoG book. Plenty of Tiger talk when it comes to Anzio!

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Episode 31 – A Cambridge Too Far

Dave and Sam are joined by Andy Singleton of Volley Fire Painting Services to talk about the recent sixty player event held in Cambridge. Andy also talks about his background and current projects, while Dave describes some of the new lists he has been writing (Fallschirmjager, Maori and DAK) which are tailored to be more theatre-specific and historical than the selectors in the army books


Andy’s Blog



Episode 28 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Rich, Sam and Dave tackle Gates of Antares, gender and diversity issues in wargaming, listener feedback and the BAA Format. The main feature for the episode is a listener suggestion – we take turns to choose a BA unit to fit within each of the three categories (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…). There’s a good amount of Uber snarling from about the one hour mark onwards!


Special – Miniature Wargaming The Movie

We are joined by Joe Piddington, the director of Miniature Wargaming The Movie, to discuss his Kickstarter project. We spoke about his ambitions for the film,  the wider development of wargaming culture and his experiences in Bolt Action.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 20.49.39

Joe’s project can be found here:


Episode 25 – The French in North Africa

Sam and Dave are joined by Bob Emmerson and Bryan Cook to discuss the French presence in the North African theatre. Bryan describes MOAB, his event in Sydney and Dave talks about his Maori selectors. Tirailleurs, Goumiers and the Foreign Legion all get mentioned. Definitely something a bit Vichy going on in this episode…


Some great links to Bryan’s work:

Sourcing Foreign Legion miniatures:


Saharan Company:


Painting Goumiers:


Berleit Armoured carriers:


Large Vichy garrison army:


Painting Senegalese:


Episode 23 – The End of the Beginning

We discuss the recent North Africa campaign day held at Sanctuary Gaming Centre. Sam and Dave were joined by Steve Tibbs from 2d6Lodge Gaming Club in Cambridge, who also played in the event. Steve tells us about his forthcoming tournament and explains how he went about writing a Royal Thai army list. Sam also gives an update on the story of the Churchill ‘Guildford’ and its commander, Bernard Hudson.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 21.35.09


Facebook picture gallery

A ‘Cam’Bridge Too Far 12th March 2016

Episode 22 – Commonly Overlooked Rules

Sam and Dave are joined by Giac, joint TO of the BA Welsh Open. They discuss plans for the event (taking place at the end of September in Cardiff) before Dave quizzes Giac on his list of Ten Commonly Overlooked or Misunderstood Rules… Towards the end, Sam describes a family connection to a Churchill tank of the 4th Grenadier Guards BN.
Bernard Hudson with his tank GUILDFORD


(This picture shows Sgt. Bernard Hudson with his tank, Guildford, which was knocked out on the 30th of July 1944, near Caumont, in France.)

Giac can be found here:



Episode 21 – Ribble Rumble 2015

Rich, Sam and Dave discuss the recent two day event in Preston. Rich only joins us for the first hour, but Sam and Dave talk through their lists and games in detail. Talking points include: Brandenburgers, flamethrowers, the 1250 point level and mission-specific strategies. One list in particular drew a bit of attention, but all criticism is intended with good spirit (and a small degree of bitterness)!



Photos of the tables (mostly Sam’s games)


Episode 12 – BHGS Tournaments


I am joined by Gary Betts (Gazerb on the Warlord forum) who runs the Bolt Action tournaments for the three big BHGS events in the UK. We talked about missions, tables and rules being used in 2015. Dave also dropped in part way through and we had a bit of a chat about what we’d been up to recently.




Episode 11 – Playtesting Warplanes and the DOT NET Format

Barry and Sam play a game using Warplanes as well as testing the DOT NET Format rules tweaks from the guys at the BAR. I have no idea if an audio playtest recording works – let me know! There are pictures of the game on our Facebook page.

Our new theme music is from Shostakovich’s Leningrad Symphony, which was written and performed inside Leningrad during the siege.





Episode 9 – Halloween Special


Sam, Barry and Dave seek out terrible truths hidden in the misty and horrifying labyrinth of the Nazi Occult. We also talk about unholy relics, ill-omened expeditions, frightening technology and other chilling prospects. At the end, Sam describes a home made, zombie-themed Bolt Action mission called The Book of the Dead.


The Book of the Dead

West Wind Miniatures – Secrets of the Third Reich

Eureka Miniatures – UK supplier (Nazi dinosaurs)

Ark of the Covenant (I was wrong about this being Eureka, it is made by Castaway Arts – scroll to the bottom)

GURPS Weird War II

Episode 8a – Tanks, Bears and VFTs

We chat about the what we have been up to recently, including  wargames shows and modelling projects (aerosans, tachanka, bears…). I also interviewed Alessio Cavatore and asked him about Tank Wars, VFTs, errata and chatted about his new Loka Tarot game.

This episode is the first half of a flippin long recording. 8b will cover the Welsh Open Tournament and conclude the Quizzy Question.

ep8a pic



These guys make great movement trays, laser-cut miniatures and their delivery time is quick.

Episode 6 – Running a Tournament

Sam and Dave talk to Rich about how he organised the Bolt Action tournament for the Ribble Rumble in Preston. We discussed rules, scenarios, alternate objectives and general logistical stuff. We also chatted about our lists and asked Rich what advice he would give to an aspiring TO.


Player leaflet from the tournament.

Rules pack.

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