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Episode 47 – A ‘Cam’ Bridge Too Far 2018

Last year’s winner, Mike Wilkins, and I talk about our 1000pt lists (Free French partisans and Italian Front Germans) used at the recent 78-player event  in Cambridge – and then run through each of our games in detail.

I’d like to offer a continued ‘thank you’ to BOSS Minis and to the new Patreon backers, who are also thanked at the end of the show.

Episode 45 – The Warlord Games Grand Tournament

A review of the recent open event that took place at Warlord Games HQ in Nottingham, at the end of November 2018. The guest for this episode is Bruce Hamilton and we talked through our lists and described each of our games in detail before revealing the final standings…

This episode also features the prize draw for a winner of the £20 voucher from bossminis.co.uk – available to our $3 level Patreon backers. The winner is revealed at the end of the show.

Episode 42 – End of the Beginning III

Sam is joined by Dave Hunter, Christian Tiansen and Steve Tibbs, who all attended the latest Mediterranean themed team event at Sanctuary Gaming Centre. The first half and hour features a ‘live’ recording from the day, with players already stuck into their games in the three theatres: Crete, North Africa and Italy.

The last hour of the podcast is a conversation between Sam and Steve, discussing the recent Phoenix Gaming Club event – Operation Varsity, in which they both played.

Photos of EotBIII: https://www.facebook.com/pg/downordercom-403582836444166/photos/?tab=album&album_id=998040293665081

Links relating to BurnPits360:



Episode 41 – Dream Game

Barry and Sam talk about the Partizan wargames show in Newark, discussing purchases and their relevance to current hobby projects (Congo, Sharp Practice, ancients, terrain for End of the Beginning III – don’t tell our wives…).

In the main segment we read out and discuss  entries for the Dream Game competition in which listeners submitted ideas for their ‘dream’ Bolt Action scenario; at the end we choose a worthy winner to receive a copy of Armies of Germany 2nd Edition courtesy of Steve at 2d6Lodge.  There’s also a return of the Quizzy Question and inexplicable Enya chat.

Some links from the show:

Brian’s blog:


Tree Fellas (eBay store empty at the minute, but check back for great terrain):


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Episode 36 – SAS in North Africa

New backers of the Patreon campaign are thanked and a prize draw is made to determine the winner of a Rubicon Opel Blitz.

Sam talks through his SAS army list, giving a brief history of the SAS in the desert and a description of the new force characteristics and unit choices.

Playtesting the SAS, with Dave using a regular DAK force – this section contains a degree of grumbling about V2 changes and our feelings about their effect on general gameplay (RANT warning!). Please get in touch if you have a differing opinion about any of the issues!

Last is a  slightly squiffy game of Operation, with Sam offering Dave with opportunity to repair his reputation as an accurate namer of WW2 events!

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Episode 33 – End of the Beginning 2

Sam, Dave and Pete discusses their experiences at the second Down Order team event run at Sanctuary Gaming Centre. Pete also describes his forthcoming event (Enigma) and Dave describes his new selectors for the Maori. There is also some Sharp Practice 2 chat, with particular reference to the French-Indian War.


Pics from EotB 2: https://www.facebook.com/enrich.salaams/media_set?set=a.1701887210081423.1073741838.100007804809240&type=3&uploaded=44

Dave’s Maori Selectors:



Episode 31 – A Cambridge Too Far

Dave and Sam are joined by Andy Singleton of Volley Fire Painting Services to talk about the recent sixty player event held in Cambridge. Andy also talks about his background and current projects, while Dave describes some of the new lists he has been writing (Fallschirmjager, Maori and DAK) which are tailored to be more theatre-specific and historical than the selectors in the army books


Andy’s Blog



Episode 30 – Miscellaneous Ramblings

Sam and Dave are joined by Mad Bob Emmerson to chat about current projects, including End of the Beginning 2, events on the south coast, Gorgon Studios and forthcoming offerings from Bob’s evil laboratory. Bob also undertook the Good/Bad/Ugly challenge and Philip from Germany provided us some authentic translations in his native tongue.


Click here to visit the donation page for Emma Anderson, who needs urgent surgery.

Episode 29 – Duel in the Sun

Sam is joined by Stuart Kelly (Stubert, of Cambridge) and Seamus Hamrin (Weekend General, outta Chicago). The two guests provided their take on Good/Bad/Ugly in Bolt Action and we also took a look at the new FAQ/Errata document from Warlord. Finally Sam gives an overview of the final release of the Theatre Book series; Duel in the Sun.


Episode 28 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Rich, Sam and Dave tackle Gates of Antares, gender and diversity issues in wargaming, listener feedback and the BAA Format. The main feature for the episode is a listener suggestion – we take turns to choose a BA unit to fit within each of the three categories (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…). There’s a good amount of Uber snarling from about the one hour mark onwards!


Special – Miniature Wargaming The Movie

We are joined by Joe Piddington, the director of Miniature Wargaming The Movie, to discuss his Kickstarter project. We spoke about his ambitions for the film,  the wider development of wargaming culture and his experiences in Bolt Action.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 20.49.39

Joe’s project can be found here:


Episode 24 – The Nationals

Sam, Dave and Mad Bob discuss three recent events (Britcon, The Welsh Open and The Derby Nationals) with particular focus on missions, event packs and list balance. We also reveal the first Down Order listener competition…

Send entries to this address: downorderpodcast@gmail.com

An mp3 (no longer than 3 minutes) would be ideal, describing your favourite vehicle in Bolt Action. Our favourite entries will be played on a forthcoming podcast and the winner will receive a mystery 1/56 resin vehicle, courtesy of Mad Bob Miniatures. Entries close on November 30th. Obviously, please include your name and location in the e-mail.


Episode 23 – The End of the Beginning

We discuss the recent North Africa campaign day held at Sanctuary Gaming Centre. Sam and Dave were joined by Steve Tibbs from 2d6Lodge Gaming Club in Cambridge, who also played in the event. Steve tells us about his forthcoming tournament and explains how he went about writing a Royal Thai army list. Sam also gives an update on the story of the Churchill ‘Guildford’ and its commander, Bernard Hudson.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 21.35.09


Facebook picture gallery

A ‘Cam’Bridge Too Far 12th March 2016

Episode 22 – Commonly Overlooked Rules

Sam and Dave are joined by Giac, joint TO of the BA Welsh Open. They discuss plans for the event (taking place at the end of September in Cardiff) before Dave quizzes Giac on his list of Ten Commonly Overlooked or Misunderstood Rules… Towards the end, Sam describes a family connection to a Churchill tank of the 4th Grenadier Guards BN.
Bernard Hudson with his tank GUILDFORD


(This picture shows Sgt. Bernard Hudson with his tank, Guildford, which was knocked out on the 30th of July 1944, near Caumont, in France.)

Giac can be found here:



Episode 21 – Ribble Rumble 2015

Rich, Sam and Dave discuss the recent two day event in Preston. Rich only joins us for the first hour, but Sam and Dave talk through their lists and games in detail. Talking points include: Brandenburgers, flamethrowers, the 1250 point level and mission-specific strategies. One list in particular drew a bit of attention, but all criticism is intended with good spirit (and a small degree of bitterness)!



Photos of the tables (mostly Sam’s games)


Episode 18 – The Mannerheim Line

Sam, Rich and Dave met at the farm to play a 2400 Vs 800 point game with the Soviets attacking the Finns. We talk through the historical context and then describe the game intermittently, between turns. See pictures of the game on the downorder.com Facebook page. There is also a UK tournament update.


Facebook pictures

Episode 15 – Panzergrenadiers


We chat about the challenges of writing a viable Panzergrenadier list using the current rules. Dave talks Western Desert, Rich talks Soviet experimental tank lists, Sam talks US 29th and Point Defense and Barry talks Fury.

Dave’s vocals were plagued by a crunchy scraping menace for parts of the recording (which was revealed to be a cable in conflict with a jacket zip). This has hopefully now been banished…



Episode 14 – Historical Vs Competitive


Sam and Dave are joined are joined by Pete Melvin from the Phoenix Gaming Club. The main topic covers our considerations for attempting to assemble a historic, characterful and fun army. We also try to find a good balance between strength in theme and strength on the table. We chose three forces to discuss: the 28th Maori Battalion, the Italian Savoia Cavalleria and the US 29th Infantry.

C__pia de C e _19_

Episode 13 – Battleground Europe


Full crew. Our main topic is an overview of the campaign in North-West Europe and discussion of the missions, units and special rules described in the theatre book. Rich talks about his terrain projects and flirtations with Chain of Command, Dave assesses the latest Warlord FAQ and Sam mentions UK tournaments in 2015.


Episode 12 – BHGS Tournaments


I am joined by Gary Betts (Gazerb on the Warlord forum) who runs the Bolt Action tournaments for the three big BHGS events in the UK. We talked about missions, tables and rules being used in 2015. Dave also dropped in part way through and we had a bit of a chat about what we’d been up to recently.




Episode 11 – Playtesting Warplanes and the DOT NET Format

Barry and Sam play a game using Warplanes as well as testing the DOT NET Format rules tweaks from the guys at the BAR. I have no idea if an audio playtest recording works – let me know! There are pictures of the game on our Facebook page.

Our new theme music is from Shostakovich’s Leningrad Symphony, which was written and performed inside Leningrad during the siege.





Episode 9 – Halloween Special


Sam, Barry and Dave seek out terrible truths hidden in the misty and horrifying labyrinth of the Nazi Occult. We also talk about unholy relics, ill-omened expeditions, frightening technology and other chilling prospects. At the end, Sam describes a home made, zombie-themed Bolt Action mission called The Book of the Dead.


The Book of the Dead

West Wind Miniatures – Secrets of the Third Reich

Eureka Miniatures – UK supplier (Nazi dinosaurs)

Ark of the Covenant (I was wrong about this being Eureka, it is made by Castaway Arts – scroll to the bottom)

GURPS Weird War II

Episode 7 – Armies of the Soviet Union

We review the Russian army book, covering the national rules, theatre selectors and individual unit choices. Rich talks about the types of lists he has played and highlights some of the more obscure options. Dave explains why he thinks this is the most flexible and varied of the army books. Sam reveals what goes on behind closed doors with a T-26…


Episode 5 – Top Five Tanks

We run through our top five tanks of WWII and explain the reasons for inclusion in our lists. Rich H joins us, but Dave was at a tournament.  We also chat about current hobby projects and our experience at the Germany 1945 Campaign Day.

kellys heroes tank

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Links that Rich mentioned:



http://warlordgames.com/forum/viewtopic … 51&t=10505

Episode 3 – Incoming!

We talk about what we’ve been up to (panzerwerfers, Popski’s Private Army and Soviet partisans) and chat about some games we’ve played recently. Also, we discuss alternative rules for off-board artillery (available to download from our site).


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