UK Event Calendar

Note: due to time constraints and the ease of using Facebook to coordinate events, I’m no longer updating this, but I’ll leave the page up as a historical record!


Enemy Front, Doncaster (Zone Out): 24th January

BA 2016 01, Hinckley (Black Dragon): 30th January 

The UK Gathering, Birmingham (TableTopBattle): 6th February

Operation Watchtower, Edinburgh (6s2hit): 7th Feb

Beachhead 2016, Bournemouth (PGC): 20th February

Give ’em Hell 2, Middlesborough (Asgard Games): 20th February

Northumbrian Allied Assault! Blyth: 21st February

BA Event 2, Aldershot (Games Shop): 27th February

AGOM: FARARD, Kendal: 27th-28th February

‘Cam’Bridge Too Far, Cambridge (2d6 Lodge): 12th March [Sam + Dave]

Spring Offensive, Middlesbrough (Waugh Games): 2nd April

Roll Call, Milton Keynes (BHGS): 2nd-3rd April [Sam + Dave]

Scottish National Tournament (, Edinburgh: 2-3rd April

One day event, Bristol (BIG): 16th April

Open Fire! Market Weighton (Yorkshire Renegades): 10th April 

Operation Tiger,  Derry, Ireland: April 23rd

End of the Beginning 2, Nottinghamshire (Down Order): 24th April [Sam + Dave + Rich]

Dig In, Daventry (Battlefield Hobbies): 14th-15th May

Enigma, Rushden (Phoenix GC): 21st May

Fire in the Hole, Leicester (Tabletop Tyrant): 28th May

The Longest Day 2, Dorset (Mad Bob): 5th June

The Challenge, Oxford (BHGS): 18th-19th June

Kings of the North, Durham: 25th-26th June

Blaze of Glory II (THaB), Stafford: 10th July

Northumbrian Resistance, Blyth: 31st July

Britcon, Manchester (BHGS): 12-14th August

Welsh Open, Cardiff: 17th-18th September [Sam]

UK Nationals, Derby (BHGS/Warlord): 1st-2nd October

Blitzkrieg, Hartlepool: 30th October

Up and At ‘Em, Daventry (Battlefield Hobbies): 19th-20th Nov


Winter Tides, Bristol (BIG): 18th January

PAW 2015, Plymouth: 7th-8th February

Operation Biting, Doncaster (SARGE): 15th February [Rich]

Operation Blockbuster, Dumfermline (DWARF): 21st February

PGS One Day Event, Poole (Bob Emmerson): 1st March

Lock & Load, Stafford (WASP): 14th March [Sam]

The Grid, Doncaster: 22nd March

Tides, Bristol (BIG): 5th April

Roll Call, Cranfield (BHGS): 11th-12th April [Sam + Dave]

Hull’s Angels Tournament, Hull: 18th April

Move, Move, Move(Asgard Wargames), Middlesborough: 25th April

Normandy Campaign, Bristol (BIG): 17th May

Operation Phoenix, Rushden (PGC): 30th May [Sam ]

Operation Overlord, Edinburgh (6s2hit): 6th June

D-Day Offensive , Redcar and Cleveland (Waugh Games): 13th June

Ayo Ghurkali! Doncaster (The Grid): 14th June

Afterbolt III, Norwich (Aftermath): 20th June

The Challenge, Oxford (BHGS): 20th-21st June

Tournament 002, Leicester (Black Dragon): 27th June [Sam]

Toy Soldier, Stockport (Brian McGonigle): 4th-5th July

The Longest Two Days, Poole (Mad Bob): 11th-12th July

Blaze of Glory, Stafford (Barrage): 12th July

Ribble Rumble, Preston: 25th-26th July [Rich + Sam + Dave]

BritCon, Manchester (BHGS): 7th-9th August [Dave]

Tournament 003, Leicester (Black Dragon): 15th August

The End of the Beginning, Notts (Down Order): 30th August [Sam + Dave + Barry]

Sturm Eins, Sutton-in-Ashfield (Reluctant Conscripts): 5th-6th September

Colours, Newbury (N&RWC): 12th Sept

Tank Wars, Leicester (Black Dragon): 12th Sept

Conquest, Shoreham-by-Sea: 26th Sept 

Operation Totalize, Dunfermline (DWARF): 26th September

Welsh Open, Cardiff (The Battlefields): 26th-27th September [Rich + Dave]

The Seagull Has Landed, Lowestoft (East Coast Wargames): 27th September

UK Nationals with Warlord Games, Donington (BHGS): 3rd-4th October [Sam + Dave]

Tournament 005, Leicester (Black Dragon): 10th October

One Day BA Tournament II, Dorset (PGS/Mad Bob): 18th Oct

One Day event, Aldershot (The Games Shop): 24th October

“Bridge Over The River Blyth” (NAG): 1st November

Operation Grenade, Peterborough (CWGS): 1st November

To Hell and Back, Birmingham: 22nd November [Rich + Sam]

Operation: Irish Summer, Lisburn, N. Ireland: 28th November

1000 pt BA Tournament 006, Leicester (Black Dragon): 5th December

Operation Watch on the Rhine (6s2hit), Edinburgh: 6th December

Operation Lightfoot, Peterborough (PWC): 6th December

Festive Firefight, Redcar & Cleveland (Waugh Games): 28th Dec 

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